When will this conference be held? August 9-11 2018 (Thursday-Saturday) at the Embassy Suites in Covington, KY, which is right across the river from Cincinnati, OH. You may want to plan your stay to include a Saturday night stay as we will have events well into the night on August 11th. 
How can I register? You may purchase your tickets at our Eventbrite site here.
How do I book hotel rooms? This link will take you directly to the Embassy Suites page. Or you can call them 859.655.4664.
Can I share a room with another writer who attends? Yes. Two conference ticket holders can share one room. However, arrangements are the responsibility of the attendants. 
Can I drive to the conference?  Yes, you may drive to 10MINCON.  Parking is available for Embassy Suites guests at the hotel. 
Do I need to rent a car when I arrive? Our hotel is 20 minutes from the airport.  You may need to make arrangements either by cab, Uber, reserve your spot on the shuttle service. (Details coming soon!)  All of our events will be held at the Embassy Suites and many restaurants and attractions are within walking distance. 
The event says, “Covington, Kentucky” yet you say, “Cincinnati, Ohio” which is it? Covington, KY is a part of the greater Cincinnati metro area. If you fly in, you will technically land in Covington. The Embassy Suites hotel is in Covington, which is right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.
Is this a casual event? As you pack, consider that you will be making first impressions with group members, speakers, and agents. You can’t go wrong with business casual.
Can I bring my spouse? Spouses are welcome! But if they want to attend the sessions, they must purchase a conference ticket. Many restaurants and attractions are close by and there is plenty to do if they’d prefer to explore the greater Cincinnati area.
Can I bring my kids? Children are welcome, but there will not be childcare available. Unless you have nursing infants, please make other arrangements for your children during the sessions.
Do I have to stay in the Embassy Suites? The Embassy Suites offered us a fantastic deal on hosting the conference on the proviso that we met a booking requirement. The conference ticket price reflects this. Their discounted room rate includes free breakfast and a complimentary cocktail hour, and remember, two ticket holders can share a room. 
Can I bring my pets? Pets are not allowed at The Embassy Suite. Service animals are allowed.
Can I have a vendor table to sell my books? We have a limited number of vending tables available for 10 Minute Novelists to sell their books. For the entire two days, you can set up shop. Each table is $60 and there’s room for you and a friend (or two) to share the space. We’ll also give you a chance to present in front of all of us. Contact us for more details. 
What kinds of workshops will be offered? We had so many great ideas for this conference that we simply couldn’t squeeze workshops in. When we discovered that Donald Maass, Janet Hardy, and James Scott Bell not only were available but could fill our entire weekend, we jumped at the chance! Come learn from them with us!
On Thursday, Katharine Grubb will be speaking on The Art of Writing.

Then, James Scott Bell will be speaking on

“Ninety Percent of Writing is Half Mental”

He’ll focus on overcoming common mental blocks so writers can write with joy, goals, a vision of true success,  without fear and without comparing themselves to other writers.

On Friday, Donald Maass will be speaking from his book The Fire in Fiction.  He will address multiple aspects of novel writing, from the characters to the setting, to the plot, analyzing each piece carefully, demonstrating what can grip the reader the most.

Are you really satisfied with your opening pages? Mr. Maass will point out common errors, explain what kinds of protagonists are the strongest, and how to make them alive for your reader.

As the book progresses, Maass will delve into conflicts. He will challenge authors to really dig deep into the drives of their protagonists, create complex inner conflicts, and reveal their hearts.

Additionally, Maass will address the antagonist. Through examples, he will reveal common mistakes writers make with their antagonists and challenge authors to make them richer, sympathetic, and engaging.

By the end of the day, the participants will have addressed:

  • Three kinds of protagonists that appeal most to readers
  • How to build rich characters
  • Intriguing antagonists
  • Scene-sculpting for maximum tension
  • World-building
  • The development of the narrative voice
  • Creating an attractive reality for the reader
  • Increasing tension in every scene
  • The significance of stories for humankind
  • And how to tell a story with new passions.

This day-long seminar will be intense, but the advice Mr. Maass will give could make the difference between a mediocre one and a great one.

On Saturday, Janice Hardy will be speaking on Showing V. Telling and Revision. We’ll also hear again from Katharine Grubb and have an opportunity to share our #AuthorHappiness.

I’d like to buy an audio recording of the speakers. Can I do that? We’re finalizing the details of this right now!  Information about this will be posted as soon as possible. 
What is there to do in the area? The Embassy Suites is located in Covington, a historic neighborhood overlooking the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati. Two major sports stadiums within walking distance of the hotel. Downtown Cincinnati is a short trolley ride away. You can also enjoy a leisurely cruise along the river marveling at the picturesque Cincinnati skyline. The two entertainment hubs, Newport on the Levee or Cincinnati’s Banks, offer a vibrant mix of restaurants, boutiques and comedy clubs, just minutes from the hotel. Also, the Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium, and Creation Museum are nearby.
What meals will be included? A full complimentary breakfast is available, cooked to order, provided you are staying at the Embassy Suites. There is a boxed lunch available for each day of the conference and a visible snack table included in the ticket price. All other meals are the responsibility of the attendee(s).
Where are some good restaurants nearby? Area restaurants are listed on the Embassy’s website.
I have unique dietary needs. Can I request something specific? Victoria Miller will request specific needs from ticket holders, and the options will be communicated. Please get that information to us no later than August 1, 2018.
In what time zone is Cincinnati/Covington?  Covington, KY, and Cincinnati, OH are on US Eastern Time. UTC -05:00.