Schedule for 10 Minute Novelists Conference 2018


PRE-CONFERENCE DAY (Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018)

4-7 pm          Registration opens. Victoria Miller and her team will register all attendees!

5-7 pm         Free Cocktail hour for the guests of Embassy Suites

7:00-7:15    WELCOME – Ian McAllister

7:15-8:00     Opening Presentation: Katharine Grubb

8:00-9:30     Speaker: James Scott Bell

9:30                 Various entertainment options

DAY ONE (Friday, August 10, 2018)

7:00-8:45      Free Breakfast buffet for Guests of Embassy Suites

8:30-8:45     Morning Session: Announcements by Ian McAllister

8:45-10:15     Speaker: Donald Maass THE FIRE IN FICTION

During our conference, Donald Maass will reveal how master contemporary novelists make every book great—and how participants can use the techniques of greatness in their current manuscripts. This is an intensive, hands-on workshop for advanced fiction writers.  Participants should bring a WIP and writing materials.

10:15-10:30   Break

10:30-12:00  Speaker: Donald Maass, continued.

12:00-2:00    Lunch

2:00-3:30     Speaker: Donald Maass, continued.

3:30-3:45     Break

3:45-5:15     Speaker: Donald Maass, continued.

5:15-8:00     Dinner Break/ Free Cocktail Hour for guests of Embassy Suites

8:00-9:30    Evening Event

9:30   Various entertainment options


DAY TWO (Saturday, August 11, 2018)

7:00-8:30      Free breakfast for guests of Embassy Suites

8:30-8:45      Welcome / Announcements  by Ian McAllister

8:45-10:15     Speaker: Janice Hardy,  PLANNING YOUR NOVEL IN TEN EASY STEPS Join Janice Hardy as she outlines her 10 surefire steps to planning a bestseller!

10:15-10:30   Break

10:30-11:30   Speaker: Janice Hardy, REVISION READINESS: HOW TO REVISE  Join Janice Hardy as she breaks down her top times for whipping that manuscript into shape.

11:30-1:30       Lunch

1:30-3:00        Closing: Katharine Grubb Open Mic for #AuthorHappiness   Conference is officially over.

6:00-9:00      Various entertainment options